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I Am...that I Am

Are You on the path of deepening Your Spiritual Journey?  On a quest to enhance Your Inner Personal Growth?  If You answered “Yes” to these questions, then I invite You to sign up to receive Your free MP3  “I Am that I Am” uplifting & inspiring Rhythmic Reverb mantra. 

Start and End the day with a soulful sentiment of the Beautiful, Magnificent Powerful true of YOU.  Heighten the moment and listen to the Rhythmic Reverb with headphones.  This is a step toward Thought Healing.  Thought Healing is the beginning process of changing how we think, and choosing how we want to think about a thing.  Spread the Word...Healing is Revealing, expanding Self Awareness. Manifestation is in the Belief!

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Your Rhythmic Reverb "I Am that I Am"  is on it's way to Your email. May it serve You well for many years to come.  Blessings!

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This mantra is very powerful.  The intro draws your attention and then becomes like a cozy comforter that you find solace in.  If there is ever a time you need to remember who you are and feel lost, this gentle reminder will reinforce the things that we seen to forget.  I encourage any and all to take the plunge, dive in and embrace self. 
~M. Ford (USA)

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