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It is an Energy Experience

A 1:1 or Group Workshop

  • Treasure Mapping is a Work of Art.  It is the visual of our Treasure Map within. It’s taking a blank canvas, an instrument, and creating our specific Prayer Portrait or Treasure Map, via Intuition. The finale of the portrait can be anything...a memory, a desired outcome, an answer to a question, a myriad of colors. It helps us catch our dreams and weave them into manifestation and is a perfect complement to Vision Boarding. It is something that is private and should only be shared with those who are sincere in wishing You blessings and success.
  • Treasure Mapping brings us into simultaneous Prayer & Meditation.
  • A Soul-Mirror experience (what our soul says we are ready to know & understand
  • A Visioned Affirmation
  • It helps us to embrace our desires and passions which is a Divine link to our needs and values. It helps us to parallel our Visualization (our personal desires) with the Vision (of the Creator). 
  • It allows us to purposefully stay in the moment. It can be an interpretation of an in-the-wake dream.
  • It helps us connect with our Little One inside.
  • It helps us reunite with our Intimate Calling, and begin to loosen the cord our personality (body, mind, emotions, desires, fears, senses, stressors, limitations) has attached to our Soul.
  • Treasure Mapping can be done when feeling stressed or anxious. It's a good activity when we want to change an undesired thought. Treasure Mapping is a great form of relaxation and brings about peace and happy thoughts. It's a great way to spend time with your Self. It's beautiful in togetherness - sharing material and dialogue, and caring for each other during one-on-one Intimacy with your Partner, children, and grandchildren, and sharing and caring during Fellowship; it can be shared with anyone. It's a time to spend with an incredibly Special Person...YOU.

Treasure Mapping may be brought about anywhere - have a clipboard will travel :-)


Treasure Mapping can and may be created for many reasons.

  • It affords us an opportunity to nurture our intrinsic needs and can increase components of self-esteem.
  • It helps us create intimate declarations (a personal creed) to resonate and bring forth energy into physical manifestation; to live LIFE from the Inside/out and Mystically.

TAPN2U Treasure Mapping is a form of art therapy, which is reported to be a method in developing Self Recovery.

  • It also strengthens our reliance on Guide Inside (inner tutelage, intuition, Holy Spirit).
  • It connects our desires and needs with our uniqueness; when we connect these with excitement...fulfillment of our purpose and mission will be supported and effortless, per Dr. Dyer. We can draw what we want, what we like to manifest or change, be it in our mind and/or our life (Love, Imagination, Faith, Expression). It's a chance to put on those rose-colored glasses - to dare to dream, to draw draw your today and tomorrow, to draw an acceptance to what we have no authority to change, to draw what makes you smile, what makes you love.

Treasure Mapping is a simplistic approach to a powerful application that is so amazingly easy to do.

  • Draw something purposefully or simply close your eyes and ask for guidance.
  • Draw to the rhythm of music (let your fingers and your imagination do the dance);
  • Draw by surprise - turn out the lights, feel, draw when finished, turn on the lights, and Wala.


The TAPN2U Treasure Map Experience is fun, easy to do, expressive, and connective… if we allow ourselves to let go and trust the flow.

The Journey…Self Recovery is Beautiful ~ so are YOU – TAPN2U and Live LIFE from the Inside/out.

Blessings Peace & Love…Always and in All ways*anita

TAPN2U Treasure Map Experience...a Class 2.5 hours

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