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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Pictures are such a Great way to Gratitude Journal.   The imagery keeps the memory alive...

Emotional Sensation Vibe High and  Feelings produce a Rainbow within the portal of our mind.

WALK-A-THON 2019 In Person; 2023 Hybrid 

Empowerment thru Spoken Word Poetry - TAPN2U  (A Help to Heal) Foundation 

Student Teachers at Fakulteti i Gjuheve te Huaja ~ Albania.  Teaching Energy Principles "Classroom & Chakra Synergy"   "We loved that. We continued our discussion and the students loved the way you talked and elaborated the use of chakra in our classes . They even said that this was the first time they were having such an informative and inspiring lecture. I can not thank you enough in their names as well. Love your work, your generosity and your professionalism!

Hugs!"   Prof. Dr. Shpresa Delija

"You ~ The Energy Inside" presented to WEC Global ~ WorldEyeClub (India)

Prof. Dr. Huma Shah, President

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