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15% of every sale goes to the Empowerment thru Spoken Word - TAPN2U non-profit organization for advocacy, cultural arts, and philanthropy services. TOTAL: 3:40:05 Hours. So glad You're here! Come on in and welcome to our 29-day Energy Body Experience Meditation(c)2024. These daily meditations are from 6 to 8 minutes each (a total of 3+ hours in the 29 days). In these moments, before we go about our day or lay to rest, we receive the Goodness & Fullness of God, exhaling what no longer serves us well ~ experiencing Gratitude in the total all of You. A meditation touching every essence of BE-ing within YOU - Your Own Universe...every Atom Molecule Cell Tissue Organ (AMCTO) filled with Gratitude, starting with Pure Formless and Formed Energy that is the beginning of You on Earth. A Beautiful say to start the day...A Beautiful way to end the day until the next day :-) Lay Back...Sit Up whatever is the most comfortable position for You and let's step to the 29-Day Energy Body Experience Meditation.



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