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15% of every sale goes to the Empowerment thru Spoken Word - TAPN2U non-profit organization for advocacy, cultural arts, and philanthropy services. What You'll Need: 1. Glass of Water for liquid nourishment :-) 2. Notebook 3. Pen/Pencil - Optional - Candle and/or Incense A total of Six Weeks :-) It is said that Albert Einstein said, "Raise the frequency with the reality that we want and we shall have it." Yehoshua (Jesus) said, "have faith the size of a mustard seed with no inner doubt, and nothing is impossible". This program is for the dedicated, committed, devoted, and serious student who truly wants to raise his/her vibration to the Universal Vibration of Prosperity. 2024 is a year for success WHEN we have the foundation of Order and organization. This program is a great way to lay down the fabric of that foundation. The 40-Day Prosperity Program, created by John Randolph Price is a practical practice designed to elevate our consciousness. The more frequently we practice raising our Prosperity consciousness, the more prosperity we manifest. Essentially, this program is designed to bring us back to the Truth & the Law that God is the Supply Support Substance Source of and in all things.



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