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20% proceeds goes to Empowerment thru Spoken Word Poetry - TAPN2U (A Help to Heal) Foundation for our Gift of Love domestic violence emergency kits.


ENERGY:   Everything Naturally Engage Resonates and Gravitates towards the inside of You - Your Own Universe.


YOU - A Lifetime companion guide & journal in Your journey continuum (2 Units, + an Extra copy of the Journal for duplicating)


Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world.  Like attracts like and the essence of our environment is a reflection of what we may want to change, maintain or rearrange on the inside of us.  The outside brings us opportunities (challenges ;-) ) - to heal our soul.


The Reference manual provides an introduction about our Major Chakra System (+ other Chakras) and our 10 Bodies (aka: Spiritual Bodies) consisting of 1 Physical Body, 3 Mental Bodies & 6 Energy Bodies.   Each chapter contains a Reiki symbol to envision during the "Reflective Practice" contained in the Journal.


The Journal comprises a second image of the Reiki symbol for each major Chakra to help You reinforce its image.  There are questions for each major Chakra (there are no right or wrong answers).  These questions are to assist You in the continuum of Self-Recovery.  This most likely will also consist of "Shadow" work {which I've always called 'Purging"}, a list of essence oils and crystals complementing each major Chakra, and a "Reflection Practice".  The "Reflection" practice is a guide to help You administer a self-Reiki treatment.


Again, a Lifetime companion is YOU.


  • ISBN‏ : ‎ 978-1-64153-426-0
  • Publication date ‏ : ‎ March 13, 2022 @1135 est
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Units:  2 (1 Manual & 1 Journal)
  • Size:  8.5 x 11
  • Print Length:  Manual 81 pages / Journal  44 pages

Anita´s book is one of those that do not need reviews, but implementation, not feedback but impressions. Is indeed a book to feel, not to read, a book to experiment not to judge. With the power of different tools as music, meditation, and chakras it invites you to go through your inner resources to build something new. In the beginning, you may feel that is only magic but in the end, you realize how transformative it is. It is the wisdom to search for your ancestral connections with You and the Universe, to enter in the future resiliently and hopefully. Anita's book is not solely a book, it is a tool to be implemented - a companion to everyday life; it is a diary of fun exercises to reflect and connect with our own Universe. TAPN2U

Use your energy, vibrate at your desired frequency, connect with the Universe, Your LIFE...connect with the Dreams Your life is made of :-) 

Written by the heart with the ink of patience, wisdom, and faith.


FMO: YOU - Your Own Universe

Cikkszám: FMO #2
45,00$ Szokásos ár
35,00$Akciós ár
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