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Begin Your day with a Rhythmic Reverb, and be on Your way resonating with High Vibration.  Listening with headphones brings on an elevated experience :-) 


We all have a Karmic debt. A Karmic debt (limited self-belief) is an illusion we carry in our Soul. It limits us…keeps us from recovering who we are, and reaching our full potential...that is until we put it in its place.   You see, our limited self-belief keeps us humble.  We will meet with LIFE experiences to bring to the fore this illusion, so that we may master it and not it master us.


We came here to learn, that the Karmic debt is not us...only a small notion that can be embraced without limitation. The Karmic debt is the belief within aspects of " Not Enough (confidence)" "Not Deserving (guilt)" "Not worthy (unforgiving)".  The debt is something we owe to command the limited self-belief and understand its purpose.


We hope You Njoy...Rhythmic Reverb ~ "Me I Am"


Cikkszám: RR612

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