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A Personal Massage Mini Tutorial

To rub is Massage is Better!  

The original form of healing was "touch".  When we bump our knee, what's the first thing we do...touch the injury :-)   Giving a personal massage is a wonderful way to show Your partner that You care.  Sharing of energy with music, candlelight, and touch is such a Beautiful bonding.   Enjoy the moment :-) 


That being said..,.


This mini tutorial is for relaxation and entertainment purposes only.  It is not meant to be therapeutic in nature, is not to be used as a replacement for any type of therapy, and is not noted to "cure".  TAPN2U Movement, LLC (Engai Creative Thought Academy) is not liable for any type of injury occurring as a result of using the video technique.



Contraindication is any physical, emotional, or mental condition that may cause a particular massage to be unsafe or detrimental to Your partner's wellbeing.  Please use care and research/investigate prior to giving a massage.  Here are samples

1. Intoxication

2.  Abnormal body temperature

3.  Acute infectious disease (severe colds, flu, etc.)


For more information, here is a site that provides a list of contraindications.  It may not be all-inclusive, it's recommended that You research any type of specifics Your partner may have (if any) prior to giving the massage.






A Personal Massage Mini Tutorial


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