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TAPN2U Wristbands

Great for GiftGiving ($6.75 each INCLUDES SHIPPING)


In every aspect of our life ~ movement, staying still, sleeping, waking moments, engaging with others, in our quiet time ~ in all areas of our life, we have beliefs and our own perceptions.  Some beliefs and perceptions serve us well and some of them don't... if we monitored and took note of them, we would find that most of them do not serve us in a better and best way.  


These wristbands "Manifestation is in the Belief" & "It ain't the's how I look at it" remind us to be mindful of the type of beliefs, interpretations, and perceptions we are entertaining...our belief is our truth and our actions demonstrate our beliefs.  


Order Your Wristband today and begin making sure what You believe in and how You look at it is for Your Greater Good.

TAPN2U Wristbands

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