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About Anita Caprice Powell, Msc.D.



Engai Creative Thought Academy/Poetry &  Music Publishing

TAPN2U Movement, LLC

Empowerment thru Spoken Word Poetry (A Help to Heal) - TAPN2U Foundation (

(ESWP profile is included in the UN - Department of Economic & Social Affairs System)


"An Energy Gal", Anita is a mom of Beautiful Amazing twin Daughters, two Beautiful Abundant Sons (in-laws), and a grandmom to Beautiful Awesome five grandchildren.  She is an Integrative Mentor and has her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science.  Anita is an award-winning International Spoken Word Poet/Artist &  Speaker.   When she writes, she is expressing her life experiences to connect with others.  When she delivers, her poetic affirmations touch our hearts and speaks with our soul,    She is the Poetry Wellness Coach, coaching via Poetry with messages of Wellness &  Wellbeing, Hope &  Upliftment, Encouragement &  Enlightenment. 


Her Poetic Affirmations are included in the anthologies of:

1.  TheNewBeatGeneration (USA) 

2.  Galleon Publishing  (India)   

3.  Brown Molasses Sunday, edited by Cieara Edward (USA)

4.  Expressions of the Heart - Poetry Guild (USA)

5.  The Soft Parade - The National Library of Poetry (USA)

Anita is a Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa degree recipient (Jharkhand Rai University RANCHI ~ India).

  Anita serves as a Human Rights Consultant,  Michigan Unemployment Appeals &  Rare Disease Advocate.   She is also Global Advisor with  G100 Prison Reforms & Reintegration  ALL Ladies League G100 (Dr. Harbeen Arora, Visionary/Founder),

Anita is the author of

1.  “Reflections of an Angel” Book of Poetic Affirmations - (4th Edition)

2.  YOU - Your Own Universe Reference & Journal 

3.  "The Divine feminine - My Relationship With God (A global anthology).

She is the developer of the

1.  TAPN2U Treasure Map Experience (for both youth and adults),

2.  YOU Workshop,

3.  SHE (Soul Healing Experience) Project,

4.  Melodic Mantra

Anita has her diploma in Massage  Therapy 

She is Certified in






Life Coaching (Transformational)

Anita is also a Usui Reiki Master.

Additional Certifications include:

Rare Disease Legislative Advocacy

Human Rights

She has been a Numerical Vibration Practioner since the 1980s and has a background in Skin-Care Alchemy, making her own skincare & cleansing products since 2012.


From 12/2020 until 10/2022, Anita and family  "theangelsdreamteam under the auspices of her non-profit foundation partnered with and the Burkina Faso community to raise funds to construct a school in the Kondui, B community - Burkina Faso, West Africa.  This dream was accomplished and the Ground Breaking Ceremony, occurred on December 3, 2022.

Anita is a member of the:

American Metaphysical Doctors Association, 

International Association of Therapists,

ALL Ladies League G100,

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,

National Scleroderma, and Sjogren's (Show-Grin) Associations. 

Poetry Society of Michigan

academy of american poets

National Federation of State Poetry Societies,

and the 3HO Foundation.

Anita is the recipient of the:

1.  Social Activist 2020 Award (Women of Hearts Awards)  UK

2.  Diversity Leader 2021  (Women of Hearts Awards)  UK

2.   Exceptional Women of Excellence 2019  (Women Economic Forum) Cairo, Egypt

3.  Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All 2020 (ALL Ladies League) India,

4.  Most Compassionate Woman of the Year 2022 (Harvest Convention ) Manila, Philippines.

5.  25 Top Motivational Speakers 2023  (Macedonian Association) Macedonia

6.  Poet of the Year 2022 (All Lives Do Exist - Global Peace Poetry Summit)

Anita (Spiritual Name ~ Seema Kirti Kaur/Artist Angel) continues to volunteer her time, talent, and treasure via Pro Bono & Field Advocacy work.  In addition, she shares her talent via platform speaking domestically, nationally, and globally. Anita aspires to inspire and uplift; to help us TAPN2 our Perfection within our imperfection ~ the Divine within our humanness.  Her message for the Alluringly Seasoned & Marvelously Mature Seasoned (not senior) Adult is:  "it ain't never too late to get to know,, learn to grow, expand upon and depend upon a Dream. We are Perfectly Seasoned...We are Human & Divine.

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Join us in the TAPN2U Movement as a Peace Partner for 2023.  Let there be Peace and let it begin with me.

2022, We started the Movement March 14 and continued to Feb., 12, 2023.  We are beginning again March 13th 2023.

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