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YOU - Your Own Universe is a comprehensive book and journal offering an introductory exploration into the intricate world of self-awareness and understanding. Delve into the realms of Chakra, Body Energy, and Self-Awareness, embarking on a journey of Thought Healing. This guide illuminates the tapestry of Personal and Universal Energy.  "Dr Anita Caprice Powell brings together the ancient teachings of energy so that we can unlock the truths to creating and living the happy, abundant, joyful life we were intended to live.  She posits that we are Divinely Designed which helped me know that Nothing is wrong, and I have all I need to live the life I want.  Dr. Powell presents the material as a reference guidance that I will want to keep on my nightstand.  Energy is everything, and Dr. Powell gives us the information in an understandable straight forward manner so we can become, "the Soul Beautiful we already are.”   ~Z. B. Brown (USA ~ Michigan)

As seen in:

Get To Know Your House





Resonates and

Gravitates towards the Inside of

You (Your Own Universe)

Anita's Love is to journey with you on the Self Awareness journey as we embark on the practice and process of Thought Healing.

Things to Do Today

Live in Love

Speak with Sincerity

Dare to Dream

Prosper in Peace

Strive for Success (Your Way)

Care to Share

start  with

Believing in YourSelf 

Vibe High

Make it a Good Day!

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