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TAPN2U Wristbands

Great for GiftGiving ($6.75 each INCLUDES SHIPPING)


15% of every sale goes to the Empowerment thru Spoken Word - TAPN2U non-profit organization for advocacy, cultural arts, and philanthropy services.

In every facet of our lives - be it movement, stillness, sleep, waking moments, interactions with others, or moments of solitude - our beliefs and perceptions play a significant role. While some beliefs and perceptions serve us well, others may not be as beneficial. By monitoring and acknowledging them, we often realize that many do not contribute to our overall wellness and well-being in the most optimal manner.


These TAPN2U wristbands serve as a tool to help us remain conscious of our beliefs, offering us the choice of how we engage with the daily activities of our lives.

These wristbands, bearing the messages "Manifestation is in the Belief" and "It ain't the's how I look at it," serve as constant reminders to be mindful of the beliefs, interpretations, and perceptions we entertain. Our beliefs shape our reality, and our actions reflect these beliefs.


Order your wristband today and start ensuring that what you believe in and how you perceive it aligns with your greater good.


TAPN2U Wristbands


    Reference Guide & Journal in one book, also available on

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